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Do you want to host a fundraiser and help children diagnosed with Microcephaly?  
There are several ways to help!

* Host a raffle
* Collect change
* Walk/Run Event
* Golf Tournament
* Gala Ball
* Cocktail Party
* Garage/Yard Sale
* Bake Sale
* Concert
* Silent Auction

Contact us for more ideas

"Little Help...
BIG Difference"
FCM's Wish Upon a Star Program was created to help
our children's (diagnosed with Microcephaly,
Lissencephaly, Polymicrogyria and other related
neurological disorders) dreams come true.  Every day our
children are faced with challenges; they are all filled with
strength and a special ability to fight and overcome these
challenges.  Somehow our children continue to keep a
highly contagious smile on their faces, despite the
unimaginable things they have to endure.  The Foundation
for Children with Microcephaly realizes how special our
children truly are and we want to continue to give back to
our special stars.  Wish Upon a Star will fulfill our
children's unique wishes and continue to ensure that their
dreams do come true.  

Here's how Wish Upon a Star works:

The Foundation for Children with Microcephaly will be
raising funds from corporations and the general public
throughout the year.  Meanwhile... children diagnosed with
Microcephaly, Lissencephaly, Polymicrogyria and other
related neurological disorders will be submitting their
wishes to us.  The children's wishes can be for anything
that they want or need -- something as simple as a Barbie
doll or something more complex such as medical
equipment that insurance will not cover.  
You too can help
our children's dreams come true!  
Little Help... BIG Difference!
How Do I Submit a Wish for My Child?

Wish Upon A Star - Wish Form

Download and complete the form above.  Send the completed form along with a current picture of your child to:

Foundation for Children with Microcephaly
21620 N. 26th Ave, Suite #140
Phoenix, AZ 85027
Attn: Wish Upon a Star Program

*Email submissions cannot be considered at this time.