Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is to inform and help new parents cope with the sudden, unexpected change in their life.  The
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many facts on this website, there are also many opinions. We are not doctors, we are parents with  children diagnosed with Microcephaly.

"Little Help...
BIG Difference"
A Message from the Founder:
I want to personally thank all of our volunteers for being so generous with their
time, effort and hard work!  I appreciate all of the kind hearted people who have
helped FCM grow and raise awareness .  I will never be able to find the
appropriate words to thank all of you!    

Louis with FCM Volunteer (Lindsay)

We are always looking for more volunteers!  If you are interested in raising
awareness of Microcephaly, helping plan the Annual Microcephaly Convention
or finding out other ways that you can help, e-mail us at