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many facts on this website, there are also many opinions. We are not doctors, we are parents with  children diagnosed with Microcephaly.
FCM Greeting Cards
Special Cards Created By Special Stars
We appreciate your support.  You can direct people interested in
purchasing FCM's greeting cards to our website
www.childrenwithmicro.org) or download a fundraising packet
above and submit the orders.  $
20.00 per pack of 10 greeting
cards.  Each greeting card was designed by a child diagnosed
with Microcephaly (or other closely-related neurological disorder,
such as, Lissencephaly or Polymicrogyria).  All proceeds are
donated to the Foundation for Children with Microcephaly to help
our special stars progress, thrive and succeed in life.  We need
your support so we can continue to fulfill the wishes and dreams
of our children.  There are nine different designs to choose from,
each card is made with love, packaged with care and happy
wishes.  Choose one design or an assortment of designs!  
Download a packet above to get started!  Feel free to call us with
any questions!  Thank you for your support!  Happy fundraising!