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Associated Syndromes,Disorders & Causes of Microcephaly
Tisomy 21 (Downs Syndrome)

Trisomy 13 Syndrome (Patau Syndrome)

Trisomy 18 Syndrome (Edward Syndrome)

Trisomy 22 Syndrome

4p- Syndrome

5p- Syndrome (Cat Cry)

18p- Syndrome

18q- Syndrome

Bloom Syndrome

Borjeson-Forssman-Lehmann Syndrome

Cockayne Syndrome

DeSanctis-Cacchione Syndrome

Dubowitz Syndrome

Lissencephaly Syndrome

Meckel-Gruber Syndrome

Menkes Syndrome

Roberts Syndrome

Seckel Syndrome

Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome

Miller-Dieker Syndrome

Walker-Warburg Syndrome

Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome

Coffin-Sins Syndrome

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome

Johanson-Blizzard Syndrome

Langer-Giedion Syndrome

Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome

Williams Syndrome

Happy Puppet Syndrome

Angelman Syndrome

DiGeorge’s Syndrome

Prader-Willi Syndrome

Velocardiofacial Syndrome

Cri du Chat Syndrome

Paine Syndrome

Fanconi Pancytopenia

Focal dermal hypoplasia

Incontinentia pigmenti

Alpers disease

Inborn errors of metabolism

Disorders of folic acid metabolism


Methylmalonic academia

Phenylketonuria – Maternal PKU Fetal Effects

Rubella Syndrome

CMV (Cytomegalovirus – fetal exposure to CMV herpes virus)

Herpesvirus hominis

Drug abuse by the mother


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Aminopterin Syndrome

Prenatal Exposure to Radiation

Methylmercury poisoning

Fetal malnutrition

Perinatal trauma or hypoxia

Aniridia – Wilms Tumor Syndrome

Feingold Syndrome